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Waking Life Studios is a private studio space, which offers you the state of the art equipment to produce high quality sound for your music albums, demo CD’s, videos and live performances. We provide a relaxed atmosphere, friendly environment and professional recordings.

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New Found Fiction would love to thank Dayne Polny of  Waking Life Studios for a great day at his amazing studio. We are glad we had the opportunity to record with you and we couldn't be happier with the results!

New Found Fiction
New Found FictionBand

Our band has done really well with the recordings Dayne did for us. In June alone we're playing gigs at Rancho Relaxo, a private show, and the Summer Solstice Festival at 3030 all of which were unsolicited and we booked by being approached by people out of the blue after hearing the songs.

When We Was Young
When We Was YoungBand

I would highly recommend Waking Life Studios! Of all the people I've recorded with and all of the creative's that I've worked with (too many to count), that fact that I found Dayne and his Waking Life Studios is pretty much the equivalent of winning the lottery as far as I'm concerned. Dayne and his ethics are a constant reminder of why I decided to write, record, and play music in the first place.

Buddy Black
Buddy BlackMusician



From single recordings to full length albums we’re proud to say that our clients come back again and again! We have recorded just about every genre from Heavy Metal, Rap, Bluegrass, Pop, Country Rock to Acoustic, nothing is off limits.

Alex Ravenscroft / All That’s Left / BEE-LOW-MEE / Bleacher Seats / Buddy Black / Cardinal Street/Dickie and the Boys/ Kelly Partland

Pat and Cheryl Foote / Deep End / Don Wells / Edward Sayers/ For the Birds / Facing Ahead/ Fioso / Glass Iris/ Jerk Off Diary/ Stink Amos / The Ready’s

Road Wolves/ Front Porch Harmony/ Marty James / Mad City/ Must / New Found Fiction / Rob Watts / Sarah Dee / Stereoblastula/ Sonny Fiston

Swain Song/ Terry Macdonald / The Drunken Knights / The Ghost Umbrella’s / The Reckless Upstarts/ The Gruntled Generates/ The Rusty Nuts

The Sleeperz / The Wild Owls / The Counterpoint / Water and Cloud  / Watered Down

When We Was Young  / Wicked Racist Cougar Junkie / Winnebago / Willful Blues/ Woodbutcher

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Studio Gear

I confess I have a buying problem when it comes to studio equipment because I can’t seem to go into a music store and not purchase something new! But what a great problem to have! Click here to see full list of gear.


Our first goal is to have our recording studio rates fair and affordable! So we have come up with some basic packages to help musicians get started and save you from some unnecessary expenses too! Click here for rates.

Waking Life Studios owned and operated by We Love Sound Inc., 1162 Concession Rd.7, Adjala Township, Palgrave, Ontario, L0N 1P0

Some directions to help you find us:

From Toronto and the intersection of the 401 and 400 Highways, take Highway 400 north for 35 kilometers to Highway 9, go west (or left) on Highway 9 for 22 kilometers, turn north (or right) on 7th Line Adjala for 0.8 kilometers, we are on the west or left side or the road. Welcome to Waking Life Studios!

From about 15 km North of Bolton, Ontario at the corner of Highway 50 & Highway 9: go East on Highway 9 for 0.8 kilometers to 7th Line Adjala, turn north (or left) on 7th Line Adjala, drive for one kilometre, and we are emergency #1162 on the west side (or left side) of the road.

(Look for the horse statue of Spirit on the front lawn!)

**Special Note: If you are using a GPS to find us, you may discover that you end up in another county! Many people have told us that they did not end up where they should have when they used their GPS so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more directions**